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This informative article from DNA India has some interesting insight to tea industry jobs in India … see the full post here:

“There are a variety of jobs one can specialise in, within the tea industry. Tea tasting is one of the highly specialised areas of work. Research, plantation management, tea brokerage and consultancy are some of the other areas which can be specialized. One can work as a factory manager. The work involves supervision of all plantation work right from planting, plucking, processing to packing and transport of tea to auction houses. Beginners are given the position of assistants and with hands on experience they can get the job of manager. As a tea taster one has to differentiate between various flavours of tea to classify the samples according to their quality. Another work area in the tea management is research. Research is an integral part of the industry. The research is conducted by botanists, biotechnologists and other scientists.They study methods of producing disease-resistant and high yielding varieties of tea.

The Tea Research Association at Jorhat, Assam is a premier organisation in the field of research. Researchers are mostly employed by research associations and tea plantation owners. One can also work as a tea broker. There are brokerage houses in the country where the brokers test the various tea samples that come from the different tea gardens.”

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