Embark on a captivating journey through the world of tea with Tony Gebely’s books ‘Tea: A User’s Guide’ and ‘The Philosophy of Tea.’ Born from extensive research and inspired by his global travels, these works offer a fresh perspective on tea, its classification, and preparation methods. Gebely takes a modern, nerdy approach, unraveling the intricacies of tea for both new enthusiasts and seasoned aficionados. His books are not just guides; they are a comprehensive and engaging gateway to understanding the true essence and vibrant culture of tea.

Tea: A User's Guide by Tea Expert, Tony Gebely

“Tea: A User’s Guide” by Tony Gebely is a comprehensive and factual resource for anyone interested in specialty tea. It offers an extensively peer-reviewed framework for understanding tea’s journey from cultivation to cup. The book explores the growth and processing of tea, the derivation of numerous tea products from a single plant species, and the chemical transformations during processing. Readers will also learn about the classification of 130 famous teas worldwide and gain expert knowledge on tea preparation and evaluation, making it an essential guide for both beginners and lifelong tea enthusiasts.

“Tony’s book goes a long ways towards answering the questions that the growing number of tea drinkers have trying to navigate misleading marketing tactics used by major tea companies. His book should be on the shelf of every tea drinkers library.”– Austin Hodge, Seven Cups

“Tony has written the most useful user’s guide to tea I’ve ever seen, it’s a contribution anybody would be proud to make, but precious few could have imagined.” – James Norwood Pratt

The Philosophy of Tea by Tea Expert, Tony Gebely

“The Philosophy of Tea,” part of “The Philosophy of” series published by The British Library, offers an insightful introduction to the history and culture of tea. The book traces tea’s journey from its origins in China, where it was infused with artistic and religious significance, to its role in various global traditions. It delves into the nuances of different varieties, tea preparation rituals, and the cultural evolution of tea drinking, from the Chinese and Japanese ceremonies to British traditions and modern appreciation for specialty infusions.

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