Tea Score of 95

Mây Green Tea · Tay Bac Tea and Special Food Company Ltd · 2020

A Green Tea from Vietnam

Beautiful budsets that produce a pale greenish yellow liquor with notes of vanilla, honey, green beans and melon. A delicate balance of sweetness and umami both in the attack, finish, and aftertaste. An exceptional green tea from Vietnam.

Tea Score of 92

Uji Hikari Matcha · Mr. Kiyoharu Tsuji · 2020

A Green Tea from Japan

Strong yellow green powder with a strong aroma of bananas and fresh cut grass. More sweet than astringent, with a long honeysuckle / soymilk finish with a slight vegetal edge on the tongue. A fine matcha from Japan.

Tea Score of 90

Tung San Green Tea · Phin Ho Tea Processing Cooperative · 2020

A Green Tea from Vietnam

Light grayish olive curls that produce a pale yellow liquor with notes of charcoal, roast nuts and cherry blossom. More floral than vegetal. Very sweet enduring aftertaste. A good green tea from Vietnam.

Tea Score of 87

Tra Van Green Shan · Tra Van JSC · 2020

A Green Tea from Vietnam

Curly rolled budsets ranging from light greyish olive to yellowish grey that produce a pale yellow liquor. Lacks character and body, notes of roasted nuts, violet and alfalfa. A satisfactory green tea from Vietnam.

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