I get questions from people that are in the early stages of launching an online tea business several times each week. Many of the questions are the same, surrounding the topics of technology, marketing, sourcing, law, and overall strategy. Thus, I’ve put together my best thinking on these topics in ebook form. Best of all, it’s available for free below.

Download “How to Start an Online Tea Business (PDF)

Who am I? I’ve been working in the tea industry for over 10 years now. For three of those years, I ran my own online tea company, Chicago Tea Garden. Since then, I’ve worked with over 10 tea companies in varying sectors of the tea market spanning both online businesses, brick and mortar businesses, and B2B tea businesses helping to grow their customer bases, differentiate themselves, and build up sustainable supply chains.

In 2016, I released my seminal work on tea, Tea: A User’s Guide which is currently being used by tea companies around the world to train their employees.

The free ebook linked above, How to Start an Online Tea Business is a 24 page guide to starting an online tea company and includes a complete marketing plan blueprint for online tea companies as well as:

  • How to prove to yourself that your tea business is a viable idea
  • How to keep your tea business operating within US law
  • What technology platforms you’ll need for e-commerce
  • How to defining your ideal customer
  • How to develop your product line
  • How to write impactful product pages
  • How to handle packaging for shipping

Any questions? Feel free to reach out.